Om Grown Yoga School

200 HR Training

Already a certified yoga instructor wanting to further your education? Advanced training coming 2020!

The vision for Om Grown has always been to provide a safe space for individuals to explore all the aspects of Yoga. We strive to be the local leader in continuing education for current teachers as well as for those who just want to deepen their own knowledge and practice. As our roots continue to grow, we desire to offer a traditional approach to creating a strong foundation for new yoga teachers to sprout up in their own form, offering yoga from their perspective, spinning good vibrations into the world. This training meets and exceeds Yoga Alliance standards and is an approved Registered Yoga School.
Expect transformation. Expect bliss. Expect community.**
Our 200-hour training path is the FIRST stepping stone to have a strong foundation as a teacher.


-- A S A N A --

Through pose deconstruction and reconstruction we discuss and explore personalizing the asana (posture) practice around biomechanics, special populations, and functional range of movement. Gain a well-rounded comprehension of the many different asanas to further your own practice and become a wise teacher.

-- A N A T O M Y --

Every human body is like a snowflake - completely unique. Therefore, to be wise, we cannot look at the asanas as cookie cutter shapes. Each pose looks and feels different in each body. As such, we use modifications, props, educate on special populations, and discuss safety practices.

-- S C H O O L S OF Y O G A --

Om Grown is rooted in vinyasa, Hatha, therapeutics, restorative, and Iyengar. We will dive deep into each method.

-- S E Q U E N C I N G + S T R U C T U R I N G C L A S S --

Learn to craft a class woven with thoughtful sequencing, breath work, and mindfulness. Students should feel stability and ease. Cohesion is key.

-- A U T H E N T I C E X P R E S S I O N --

Find your voice and learn to be strong in it. The art of teaching yoga (whether you decide to teach or not) is a reach into one’s vulnerability. Through work around authenticity, fear, non-attachment, empowerment, and more, you will step into your own at a new level.

-- C O M M U N I T Y --

Our trainings our intentionally built and guided by teachers who are the best in their field. The faculty teachers bring their own flavor to the table, with an undeniable depth you can’t find anywhere else. Upon completion of training, teachers and students become colleagues and peers. The community continues to grow.

-- S M A L L G R O U P E X P E R I E N C E --

We limit the number of students in each program to 10, allowing for a deep and intimate experience that holds space for transformation and growth. Connections and support through the process is key.

-- P R A C T I C E T E A C H I N G --

The small group also allows for ample time to practice teaching and at the end of the program is a culmination of everything learned as graduates offer their first public yoga class.

-- I N D I V I D U A L I N S T R U C T I O N --

Another approach to teaching is working with individual students. This method is extremely versatile and complex. Learn to plan, research, and gather information for class options, modifications, and injuries.

-- B R E A T H W O R K + E N E R G E T I C S --

If you aren't breathing, then its not yoga. The breath is where it all begins. Through the breath, one begins to connect to the deeper layers of the subtle body. Yoga Therapy practices center around the belief that the body carries all the stress. The dis-ease in life causes the disease in the body. Learn different breathing techniques, safety tips, and how to weave it in through your teaching.

-- B U S I N E S S O F Y O G A --

Get a return on your investment! Gyms, studios, parks, churches, or in-home - no matter the setting, there is a way to work the business side so that everyone wins. You will learn the different options out there to begin your teaching journey.

-- P H I L O S O P H Y F O R E X P A N S I O N --

Get creative. Learn the foundations of what yoga truly is: a philosophy. A way of being in this world in a kind, non-harming way. Learn the way of the yogi through the traditional 8 Limbs of Yoga. This is where you discover how you can take yoga off the mat.

-- M E D I T A T I O N / M I N D F U L N E S S --

The mind has a mind of its own. Don't let it run wild - learn simple techniques to sitting and breathing in stillness. This becomes more of a personal practice and its up to you how much you take into your teachings.

-- A Y U R V E D A L E V E L 1 --

Ayurveda, often described as the sister science of Yoga, is an ancient holistic health system designed to help you live in balance within the modern world. This workshop will dive deep into the origins and elements of Ayurveda, offering you the opportunity to explore your own unique constitution. Together we’ll develop a constitution focused practice through the Ayurvedic lens, and explore lifestyle and dietary strategies help keep you in alignment with not only with yourself, but with the seasons and natural rhythms of the world as well.

-- M E N T O R S H I P --

Also included is a 15-hour mentorship with Lexi, to be utilized up to 12 months after receiving your certificate. The mentorship revolves around the 6-week class series you are challenged to offer/structure. The mentorship is unique to this base-level program. You will receive additional help to sequence, tweak things between classes, give feedback, etc. It also creates a chance for you and Lexi to work one on one together to help you find your grounding/your comfort zone/etc.

-- M E M B E R S H I P --

Unlimited yoga and yoga wall classes at Om Grown Yoga for 7 months beginning October 1 2019 and will end April 30 2020. Take as

many classes as you can. Enjoy the experience of still being a student while you absorb all the knowledge gained in our weekends together.

***Om Grown is a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga school. We have seen over 75 individual transformations in the time we have been open.

Fall 2019 Training Schedule

Beginning Oct 18, 2019

Weekend Dates
Week 1: Friday - Sunday October 18-20
Week 2: Friday - Sunday Novemeber 8-10
Week 3: Saturday - Sunday December 7-8
Week 4: Friday - Sunday Janurary 17 - 19
Week 5: Saturday - Sunday Febuary 15-16
Week 6: Friday - Sunday March 20-22
Week 7: Friday - Sunday April 17-19

To teach or not to teach? It doesn't matter, once certified, you will be able to teach anywhere and equipped to offer any style of yoga that is requested OR just enjoy what you have learned to feed yourself and your people. Aspiring teachers, you will be one of the best in the field, honoring 5000+ years of yoga tradition while connecting with your students in the present, applying functional and safe techniques.