Spring 2018: 200-Hour Yoga School

The vision for Om Grown has always been to provide a safe space for individuals to explore all the aspects of Yoga. We strive to be the local leader in continuing education for current teachers as well as for those who just want to deepen their own knowledge and practice. As our roots continue to grow, we desire to offer a traditional approach to creating a strong foundation for new yoga teachers to sprout up in their own form, offering yoga from their perspective, spinning good vibrations into the world. This training meets and exceeds Yoga Alliance standards and is an approved Registered Yoga School.
In our training, you will reach new depths in your practice, learning 5 styles of yoga:
  1. Restorative/Gentle
  2. Yin
  3. Hatha
  4. Vinyasa
  5. Yoga Wall
To be an effective teacher on the mat, its important one must find the right fit for their own practice and preference. From this place, teachers speak from their hearts and offer the tradition that resonates with him/her. Upon completion of this training, the teacher will know and understand the differences in each method as well as learn proper sequencing, complimentary breathing techniques, and how to modify for common injuries/limitations.
We will cover various topics including but not limited to the following:
  • Philosophy, History, and Chakras (energetics)
  • Bio-mechanics of Anatomy & Physiology and application to yoga postures, including covering specific common aliments often seen by yoga teachers and the proper approach to avoid further injury. This portion will be led by guest lecturer, Alexandria Crow, founder of Yoga Physics.
  • Pranayama (Breathwork) and Meditation practices including a mala making workshop with guest teacher, Alyson Atma.
  • Yoga Methodology including Business of Yoga, ethics, and etiquette
  • Private Session and Workshops 101; how to work with individual clients, working with common injuries and limitations including prenatal techniques other therapeutic approaches.
  • Asana (posture) breakdown, sequencing, modifications, and styles.
  • Ayurveda/Dosha assessments with our licensed clinical herbalist.

Access to Unlimited Yoga Classes

Students enrolled in the training will receive a complimentary membership to weekly yoga classes to use from January 1-May 15. Students are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible to help apply the information learned in lectures. Daily asana practice during training included.

Training Schedule

Weekends Beginning October 19 with graduation on April 28

Weekend Dates
Week 1: Friday Evening - Sunday October 19 - 21
Week 2: Friday - Sunday November 16 - 18
Week 3: Friday evening - Sunday January 11 - 13
Week 4: Saturday - Sunday January 26 - 27
Week 5: Friday - Sunday February 1 - 3
Week 6: Saturday - Sunday March 2 - 3
Week 7: Saturday - Sunday March 30 - 31
Week 8: Saturday - Sunday April 20 - 21
Final Weekend: Friday evening - Sunday April 26 - 28
To teach or not to teach? It doesn't matter, once certified, you will be able to teach anywhere and equipped to offer any style of yoga that is requested OR just enjoy what you have learned to feed yourself and your people. Aspiring teachers, you will be one of the best in the field, honoring 5000+ years of yoga tradition while connecting with your students in the present, applying functional and safe techniques.