Vanessa N.

“I've attended a few different classes, including the yoga wall, gentle, restorative, and breakfast club.  I like that there is a variety of intensities so if I need something gentle I can do that, or if I feel like I need more strength/balance, I can attend an open level class like breakfast club.  I really like how the instructors take a few moments at the beginning to ask us what our needs are that day and then they tailor the class to hit our needy areas.  The post-class tea is also really nice and adds to the cozy atmosphere of the studio.”

Tara G.

“I moved to BCS from Portland, OR, and didn't know what to expect about local yoga (yeah, I may have been a bit unfairly skeptical), but I have found my home studio at Om Grown Yoga for sure. Lexi is a fantastic teacher, no-nonsense but warm and kind. I started to Om Grown for the aerial yoga (I'm obsessed with it, really, I have my own silk at home!), but now go mostly for the Yoga Wall, which is the absolute best complement to the aerobic and weight-lifting I do at orangetheory, and a great counter to a job where I sit a lot. Seriously. Come try the yoga wall. It is a beautiful space with lots of natural light, and a cozy and welcoming front room. Both newbies and experienced yoginis will feel at home here. <3”

Dan L.

“I've been practicing at home from videos and such for years and felt like I needed more. I had now idea how much I was missing out on! I believe now that only an experienced Yogi has the ability to enlighten someone. It's not about someone telling you what move to do and correcting the posture, it's about the journey the Yogi takes you on. Through their knowledge you experience a much more powerful and fulfilling flow. At OM they take such pride in crafting an experience that allows you to grow and heal. The Yogi gives so much of themselves and by that, you are compelled to return the energy. Beautiful symbiosis.
Thank you so much Lexi!”