Dear Om Grown Family,

I’ve written this letter in my head many times, but no version I’ve been able to come up with can accurately express my gratitude and love for every one of you who have walked through our doors in the last three and a half years. 

In the winter of 2014, I was (brave? naive? crazy?) enough to open a small business. Our mission was to serve the community of Bryan/College Station well through creating an open and welcoming community for anyone needing to relieve any stress in their lives. And what a community it is - YOU have loved ME (and our entire team) well, you show patience and kindness to my kids on the days they had to tag along with me, you were always quick to give our shop dog, Buddy, the warmest love, and you helped us spread the word on this life hack we call “yoga”.

Throughout these years, we have had many instructors and team members who contributed greatly to our successes and the growth that we saw. We expanded many times, developed a new method (Yoga Wall), and we worked every day to educate you and help you get to know your body and yourself better. We have taught over 6,000 classes, thousands of private sessions, held countless workshops geared towards health and wellness and through it all, we have had MILLIONS of laughs and so much fun in this incredible community we have built.

Having said all that, I am excited to say our direction is shifting, and it is bittersweet. As you know, our building was sold at the end of 2017. The new owners have decided to occupy the entire building, giving OGY an opportunity to relocate. It’s all happening so fast – our LAST DAY in downtown Bryan will be Saturday, April 7 for the 9am Breakfast Club. 

We already have another spot picked out at 3121 University Drive East and should be back up and running in July. We will be sending more information and updates as this rolls out. 

What does this mean for YOU? While it does mean that we will TEMPORARILY out of a studio setting, I will still be teaching virtually (more below!). We have a FREE podcast that I will be loading new classes on weekly AS WELL AS our NEWYouTube channel. 

What happens to your account? 

·     For those with class packsthat are still active and have not yet expired, we will put the passes on PAUSE and will also add 5 ADDITIONAL classes to your account.

·     To our members with the annual memberships, your account is also on pause and we will add 3 months to your account to make up for this time lost. 

·     Our monthly memberships, again, we will pause everything and give you 50% off the first three months once we re-open. 

·     Finally our students and teachers/professors with the semester pass, we will pause your membership and it will pick back up PLUS you get 50% off the next semester pass you get.

·     Because of how quickly this change has happened.  I am not able to issue any refunds. Thank you for your grace and understanding. I hope the above perks makes up for that.

My career has made a shift since having the opportunity to work with TAMU Athletics into more education, advocacy and consulting with athletes, trainers, and teams. This adventure has opened the doors for Yoga Wall to be an essential tool for the development of players in durability, power, and speed. My heart is in educating the people I love and I am looking so forward to having an opportunity to do that more regularly.

What you can expect when we re-open: Classes running Monday through Saturday, limited to 15 spots per class with TWO flow classes on Saturday mornings. We will simplify to ONE large studio room with NEW hammocks and Yoga Wall. Our online scheduling system and app will remain the same.

I plan to stay in your life through our YouTube, podcast, email list and social media! I will use these platforms to continue to teach virtually. You’ll be able to have access to these classes from the comfort of your home! I am really excited about this. 

I know that for many of us, the social and community aspect of OGY is what we will miss the most. The BEST news is that part isn’t going anywhere! We will be back up and running in THREE months, just in time for our 5thteacher training to start LATE JULY.

Regular class schedule will run through Saturday this week.

NEXT week, April 2-7, we will have EVENING CLASSES ONLY INCLUDING our last First Friday Community Class as well as ONE MORE BREAKFAST CLUB on Saturday, April 7.

Beginning April 8 until July, Om Grown Yoga will only be available online. Our tea is still here, check out its new home at

I’ve learned more through this business and from all of you than from any other experience in my entire life. My desire has always been to serve and love you well and I hope we have done that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, your commitment and most of all, your love. The screen is fuzzy through the tears, but I am excited about the future! The depth of my gratitude is only matched by my love for each of you and for every staff member who has contributed to this journey. 

All of my love,