Athlete Program:



Player development has become pivotal in giving athlete’s more of an edge and the top methods that have been the most successful is meditation and yoga.

Meditation provides mental stability through training of the breath and game-time visualizations

Yoga revolves around injury prevention, creating flexibility, giving the athlete more power, durability, and strength with a strong focus on individualizing per player, pre position, per sport.

Program Goals:

  1. Create more flexibility in the muscles and free up the joints for better movement and mobility. The results in more speed and lessens the outcome for injury.

  2. Increased lung capacity gives more fuel to the body, fills up energy reserves so the athlete has improved endurance and can withstand the long hours of practice, games, and school.

  3. Sharpening of the mental muscles to help the athlete focus with a clear mind so their body can do what comes natural and with ease. the mental game is the biggest obstacle un anyone’s way, on and off the field. Mindfulness meditations create space mentally, changing impulsive reactions to thoughtful responses, With mindfulness training, the mind is clear of the chatter and incessant story telling.

Athletes will work with yoga teacher Charlotte Alexander who has over 17 years experience practicing yoga and 11 years of teaching and guiding meditations. Charlotte has worked with the 2017 Texas A&M Football team and is currently working with NFL Players while being monitored by Gwen Lawrence, a experienced yoga teacher for the NY Giants for 15 seasons.