About Om Grown Yoga



Yoga is Love and our mission at Om Grown Yoga is to help unite our community in sharing that love. We want to create a harmonious balance of the mind, body and spirit of every student who walks through our doors in the hopes that their inner peace and energy can be a light shared with the world. 


At Om Grown Yoga, we take a very inclusive approach to the practice. Our classes are designed with the intention to benefit everyone, not just those who have been dedicated for years. Om Grown is a space that offers Yoga for all, and our hope with this welcoming environment is to truly create a community that makes you feel at home.

The physicality of yoga is just one aspect of the practice, so while you may be drawn to the visible results (toned muscles and defined abs), allow your mind to be exercised, as well. With traditional yoga styles like Hatha or more therapeutic options like Yoga Wall, there are ample opportunities to dive deep into postures, allowing your mind to find the space and time to slow down and be present.

Yoga is all about the union of mind and body, so here at Om Grown Yoga we want to begin that marriage by intentionally moving our physical bodies to the rhythm of our own breath pace. This first step is the beginning of a lifelong journey, one in which you can begin to calm the mind and respect the body. If you’re ready for the adventure, we are committed to guide you along this exciting path with the highest quality and knowledge we have to offer. 


Founded in 2013 by an outburst of love for her hometown, Lexi Alexander wanted to bring the light of yoga to a place previously untouched by the healing qualities of the practice. 

Core Values

At Om Grown we believe and promise these five things:

  • Yoga is a catalyst to mental well-being. Having a consistent yoga practice will yield returns greater than ever imagined.
  • Education is key. At Om Grown, we promise that you are receiving guidance and instruction from the most experienced teachers in the Brazos Valley.
  • Sense of community. Friends become family in this safe space where deeper connections are always being fostered.
  • Love of the practice. For those just beginning the journey and yogis who have been practicing for years, Om Grown Yoga provides the space and community to deepen your love of the sacred time spent on the mat.
  • Come as you are and you will leave feeling healthier, happier, and more at peace. An open mind and an open heart is all that we ask of you, let the yoga do the rest.